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Autumn is upon us and winter is fast approaching, so it’s now time to showcase those key trending colours to make your business stands out from the crowd. Using the world authority and leaders of colours Pantone has the best mix of colours install for us this year.


We’ve seen new brighter colours use for winter this year so far; on the catwalks and now onto the high streets. Mustard is a daring colour but be brave, its a warming tone and works brilliantly to make your customers stand out from the crowds. Of course we have the usual winter warmer colours of wine, khaki, rust but reinvented this year in new shades such as pantone’s ‘Bodacious’ this is a new take on your usual wine.


Crushin On Velvet


From catwalk to celebs to your customers, velvet has taken over all this AW16. It’s showcased every year as a big trend but this year has been the exception and its stronger than ever. Designers such as; Haider Ackerman and Ralph Lauren have showcased velvet in new ways.